"What a great additional tool to my career. I needed a push and this class and others that are offered by PE Central have been an asset. With new requirements of 8 hours of PLE and 8 hours of Technology, I have been successful in completing those hours with PE Central assistance rather than sitting in a class that has nothing to do with my job as a Physical Educator. Thank you!"

"After 35 years of teaching (31 at my present job) I still learned a few new things after taking this course [Planning a Great Field Day]"

"I would recommend this course [Brain Breaks] for all teachers at all levels. I have used stretching breaks in my classes for years, and this class provides the evidence to support how physical activity breaks lead to improved learning. After taking this course, I want my entire school corporation to adopt brain breaks"

"As a new PE teacher, this course helped me learn many ways to use technology in the gym and simplified my life with helpful instructional and organizational tools. I learned a ton from this class and cannot wait to incorporate these awesome apps in my gym!"

"This is by far the best online PD that I have ever taken. I think sometimes we get caught up in doing something else while watching videos online for PD, but these were just the right length and kept me engaged. Students now are big into technology and I think having a teacher who is looking to utilize technology more, will help build relationships and increase learning. I really like iMovie and have used in the past but never thought to use as a way to create videos for classes to see themselves. Plickers will be great to use in the Health classroom as I check for understanding. Being able to create workouts and run a concurrent timer all while having the information on a screen will help tremendously. We already use interval training but having a follow along app to help with directions when they need repeating will be a huge asset. Thank you for doing this PD. Hands down the best I have ever done online and can’t wait to use these in the classroom next school year!"

"Most of what was stated I already knew and am happy to know I am following proper procedures for playground supervision. There were other things I did not know and found very helpful."


"The conflict corner is a really great idea. My school is based on a "Lead From Here" curriculum, where we focus on leadership skills to teach students to become citizen leaders. We focus on students leading themselves and leading with others. Including this in gym class will tie into this perfectly. It will allow the kids to resolve the problems they may have on their own. Holding the students accountable is important!"


"i really enjoyed the summer reading program course. i would like more information on how to maximize a small space for a reading"


"This was a very helpful and useful course on bullying compliance, I recommend this for all school staff members. It is very important to review these concepts and implement them."


"I would have to say the shapes would be the most fun to learn because after teaching the kids the skills I can go a bit further with them and have my students a bit more challenging skills I would have to say the headstands and the handstands would be the most challenging to teach. I feel like I would have to spend a bit more time and practice with the kids to learn this skill I do feel more comfortable teaching these skills to my students. I took a gymnastics class in college and learned a lot there but never could figure out how to apply it to elementary students. Now that I have watched the videos and taken the course I feel like I can always revert back to the videos to get a more clear way on how to structure the course"


"This was a great course to take as a refresher and with some new ideas. First, I really enjoy hearing from others about things that I'm already doing in the classroom. It is a reassurance that I'm on the right track as a teacher. Ideas, including the instant activities and teaching prevention, are things I've been trying to do for years. It's always a good to reflect on my teaching style and compare it to other professionals. I also enjoyed some of the new ideas. We do not have a common stopping signal across all of our PE teachers. After listening to that portion of this course, I have spoken with my colleagues about adapting a new stopping signal that we could all use, so the students have a common understanding without mixed signals. Overall, it was a good course and a great use of my time and resources. Thank you for your time in creating this course!"


"This is a great introductory course in using mindfulness in the classroom. All teachers and students will benefit from using mindfulness. The instructor provided many good examples of mindfulness and it was very easy to learn even for beginners. I have used mindfulness in my yoga classes for years and the students love this time to of relaxation. I recommend this course to all teachers at all level regardless of their area of expertise."


"After 35 years of teaching(31 at my present job) I still learned a few new things after taking this course:)"

"As a new PE teacher, this course helped me learn many ways to use technology in the gym and simplified my life with helpful instructional and organizational tools."

"If you are a high school health or PE teacher, you need to take this course. It is important for teenage students to learn how to protect themselves and this course provides teachers with the knowledge to teach self-defense in their classrooms"

"This course was very informational. It allowed me to learn more than just the basics and help me become a better PE teacher."

"This Teaching in Limited Spaces course was very insightful and engaging. Enjoyed it. Gave me a number of ideas and activities to utilize our space better. Thanks! "


"My first exposure to brain breaks and I loved it. You got me hooked. I have been teaching for over 30 years and it's always refreshing to not only learn new things but be able to apply them immediately. Brain breaks are very doable activities that I can incorporate in my lessons. They are good for students as well as the teacher. I was just surfing the net for some PD and so glad that I came across this. I will spread the word."


Such wonderful idea's that can be used in all different settings, for all different levels of living. things I would have never thought of. thanks


This course provided me with valuable information to help me incorporate literacy into my lessons. It helped me realize I am already doing this a lot just not with a lot of concrete evidence to support why I am doing it. This course has given me the knowledge to take what I am already doing and make it better. Charles, the instructor was a great help and always provided quick feedback and support with questions!

I do believe aromatherapy and essential oils can help support overall health for both myself and the clients that I work with if they are used correctly. We have a limited selection of essential oils that we have at my work already that we have used in different sensory activities for the sense of smell that they bring. However, after doing this course, I have learned that they have much more potential and use than just their smell and I am very excited to try some things out with my clients. I think the clients that I work with could really benefit from a lot of the different oils, but for our therapeutic purposes in the room I would love to start out with the citrus oils as mood uplifters with my clients. One of the biggest take aways from this course was learning more about what each oil can do for the body and mind.

Activities DIY Biggest Takeaway from course: The biggest takeaway from the course was the level of creativity and enthusiasm added to the movement element. Exercise can get boring for students, but with these new ideas students will enjoy movement. The student will love the activity sticks, balloons, math flash cards, and making their own movement cards. I am just thrilled to have some new ideas.

This is a valuable course for all levels of PE teachers. It emphasizes all of the potential liabilities involved with teaching PE.

I think regular group meetings are a great idea for our program, because finding calm in a space with lots of children can be so difficult. I love the idea of the "chill zone" for kids to find their calm when they need it. I also believe the peace path would be beneficial because it helps students work out their problems on their own and thus own their solutions.

2 thumbs up! The information is useful, the class was informative and fun, and the teacher was great to work with. I would recommend this class to any PE and or Health teacher looking to bring technology and Apps into their classroom.

Found it interesting and got a lot of new ideas for my own class.

An AWESOME way to continue to change and improve your Physical Education program.

This course has provided practical methods to help playground supervisors better perform in their job, as well as laying out expectations and standard guidlines to apply in their duties. I appreciate the resource documents which provides samples of forms and reports which is excellent and professional to limit liability of staff.

I found the information in the videos and the supplemental materials helped me to gain more perspective on the process of placement for students and what drives their written goals/objectives.

I work with individual students at a time and I have started applying some of the components in group meeting activities such as practicing calm breathing techniques. I want to be do more of talking about feeling/emotion per day and getting to know you games. The peace path will be great for the older ones.

This course was not only informative but enjoyable. The instructor gave us a great deal of useful information and kept it fun! I will definitely be sharing the information I learned here with my peers and highly recommend all PE teachers take the course. It was a 5 out of 5 in my book.

This class gave me the background information that I was missing on a lot of my students. The material helped me to understand their needs and gave me a better understanding of their strengths in learning. After creating my visual aids for the homework assignment, I already had a teacher comment on how beneficial my putting them up in the gym was. I will continue to use them, in addition to creating others. A very helpful class!

Thank you very much for all of the knowledge you have provided us with. I have printed out and taken notes on everything you spoken about and have already applied some of your strategies and tips to my PE and Health classroom. I have passed this knowledge on to some of my peers and will be sure to continue to work at being the best educator I can be. Thank you again, and continue doing what you are doing because you are making a difference.

As a teacher of 38 years, technology is a tool very foreign to me and veteran teachers like me. This course allows us to learn new things to use in our classes, without feeling we do not know as much as the younger educators. I think there are many teachers like me out there that could benefit from this course.

Course was easy to follow and the instructor was incredible. His ideas, knowledge, and his energy kept me tuned into all videos and assignments. He I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.


I learned so much from this course and it got me thinking about ways I can improve my classroom when I return to teaching. I would love to eventually apply gamification in a huge way such by incorporating it into the entire class throughout the year. I also am no longer intimidated by gamification (I was a little at first) and realize it is something I can definitely do to improve my teaching and make learning enjoyable for my students.


This class was awesome. I love that the main assignment was creating a project that I can now implement with my classes. And not only did I create a project, the project is likely to be successful from the start because I received feedback from an expert before I even tried it for the first time. Feel like the chances for successful PBL implementation are super high after this course!


I was very impressed with this class. The instructor gave me valuable feedback to reflect on. Her advice made a huge difference to how I will approach teaching P.E. I cannot recommend this class enough!

Great course to learn a classroom management style that focuses on students taking responsibility for their own actions! Perfect for the gym setting. -Melanie

"My biggest take away was that Makerspace learning is going to look different. The storage of materials and making the space inviting to touch and explore goes against my tendency to have everything neat and put away. During projects that I have done with classes in the past I have to tell my self that the mess shows progress and ingenuity! Our role as a teacher was a helpful segment too. I hope to inspire and celebrate their "failures" as well as their successes. We learn through all of those processes."


"Thank you for putting together a simple to follow, easy to implement course that I could complete from the comfort of my own home. I have always wanted to incorporate yoga in my classes, but didn't know where to start...and now I do!


"I enjoyed this course. It is very insightful and has a lot to offer for classroom management. I learned it will take some work to weave the language into your everyday lessons. It's easy to focus on the skills being taught. However, over time I can see how it would become second nature. I also appreciate all the beneficial feedback from Sandy. Thank you!

Opened my eyes to a different way of teaching PE kids at the High School level who may not have any interest in sports or physical fitness.

"Thanks for an awesome course! I learned many new poses and can't wait to integrate them into my PE class! I love the idea of lining kids up by pose or having some do one pose while others do another so there isn't any comparison or competition. I am excited to offer an option to my students who are not athletically inclined!"

- Paige D.

I really enjoyed the "My Favorite Apps for Teaching Physical Education". The information and instructor were fantastic. I can't wait to use what I have learned in my classes. Elizabeth Eastman


"The importance of supervision zones and moving within zones was insightful. Inspecting not only the ground for danger spots but areas within the equipment is crucial."

Finally, professional development that's applicable to PE! Wonderful course taught with great instruction and examples, and suggestions! Would recommend to anyone who teaches PE! Dee Wegehaupt

"Thanks for the great information! I got lots of new tips to help me next year! I always need reminders on how the beginning of the year goes- silent period, wait time, and lots of peer group work to make them feel more comfortable. The first thing I need to accomplish for the year is getting their trust, so that they can start to socialize with me. That's the first step for my Non English Speakers!"
- Michelle P.

Excellent course for Physical Educators! This course is a useful resource for Adapted Physical Education!
As a two year teacher in the P.E. department I was looking for ways to improve my class and lesson plans. I am excited to start using the TGFU model in my classes for the next upcoming school year. John H.
This class is definitely worth your investment of time and short money if you are looking for a simple and new self-assessment for your students. The resources provided are thorough and can spark your creative abilities to begin to use Plagnets in your instruction immediately. My students enjoy using Plickers and Plagnets. I learned many new ideas that will challenge me to "up my game" as a health and PE teacher. ~Christine Basile
7/2/2018 1:00 PM

This course opened my eyes to several new Apps to use in my Physical Education classes. I thought the explanations were easy to follow and understand. Linda W.

This was a great course! All the materials and information were relevant and useful. I’m looking forward to putting what I learned into practice next school year. I highly recommend it! Jodi P.

As a second year PE teacher I was looking for new ideas and teaching techniques to improve my classes for myself and my students. Establishing Effective Protocols in PE Class was helpful in doing so. I would recommend this course to any beginning PE teacher. Thanks. John H.

The course and instructor provided a wealth of knowledge that will help me with future instruction in my PE classes. I received a quick response back from my instructor. Very impressed in this online course from PE Central. Cheryl W.

This course was very helpful in my future teachings. Sandy is very helpful and gives clear feedback. she is patient and kind and a great leader of this course.

This course was great to add more resources to use in my physical education program. Josh H.

The Limited Space course was informative, practical, user friendly, and quick to implement guidelines and best practices to all class lessons. thank you very much for the information, Christie H.

"This course was very informative. I learned a lot that i did not know about pre-school children, and what should and shouldn't be taught. I enjoyed this course very much. Thank you Michele for your constant feed back and help." - Mary

"I love this app idea!!! I'm downloading as we speak! Didn't even know it existed. Will share with my department :) Ben, I appreciate how your lessons are very user- friendly and literally walk you through each step... as if you are a beginner. I have sat through many "tech" workshops that move too fast or assume that the audience already has an advanced level of tech knowledge... So thank you!!


"This course has been so interesting, and really illuminating! I had never heard of TPSR before, and I believe that these concepts will add so much to my P.E. program and the way that I teach and interact with my students (and hopefully, how they interact with each other during P.E.).
- Jillian P.


Integrating Literacy into Physical Education, was an eye opening journey through the language of literacy in the PE setting. The coursework was presented in digestible portions and provided clear expectations and learning outcomes each step of the way. I was quickly able to integrate what I was learning into my current PE frameworks and see years of personal growth as a pedagogue thanks to what I have learned in this course.

The class provides abundant information and ideas to help start or reshape any field day program.
Excellent course for bringing your physical education class into the 21 century! If you want to add new life to your program get ideas from this course!

The My Favorite Apps in PE is a great course that will help you to modernize your use of technology in your P.E. classes. Brandon N.

I liked the Plickers course because it was easy to understand. I could get it done rather quickly. I could do it on a weekend and use the information on Monday. Thank you for such a great coarse. Theresa Long

Nowadays, during physical education classes, teaching in limited space has become common in many schools. It would be beneficial to all physical education teachers to take this course, especially if it's your first year, because it can help you out a great deal. The course has taught me so much and now I feel more confident to teach in any type of limited space situation. Irene D.

This course was very informative

This class was very informative and filled with useful tools I put into practice within minutes. You can move along at your own pace, from any device, at home or at work. Also, although I was already using some of the apps covered, I learned new ways to use them and/or capabilities of the apps I was unaware of. It’s a great value for PD credits, the information and the knowledge gained to become a more effective and efficient teacher. I highly recommend it!

If you want to add more technology to your PE lessons then this is the PD for you! Matt Witte

This is a great way to get all students in PE involved and excited about exercise and sport. I came away from the course with great resources, lesson plans, and assessments. D.Reynolds

My instructor was very knowledgable of the work. I am currently taking a Reading Comprehension Instruction class for professional credits on my license and was very excited to find that this course was aligned with that class. I feel more confident as a teacher now that I have the resources from this course.
Charles gave many suggestions to teaching in limited spaces. He opened my eyes to what I have been doing, and the many new ideas I can be doing. Eileen D.
I recently complete the PE Central online course on Gamification with Mike Ginicola. The course blew my expectations away. I now feel very confident creating lessons and games using the gamification strategies explored during this course. I would recommend any Phys Ed teachers interested in gamification to take this course! Thank you, Kyle T.

I enjoyed the Professional development course. I was able to take the class and turn in assignments over a weekend. I can't wait to plan and present the information to my students. I think his class will wake up a stale lesson plan! Glad I found it. L Griffin

Great training. It gives an introduction to teaching yoga as well as the physiology piece, giving background knowledge necessary to safely teach and perform the poses. -Kate Sargent

I was very skeptical of taking any of these online courses and wasn't sure what to expect. I am so excited that I decided to follow through. I like the ease of being able to work at my own pace to get the work completed. Julie Stevens

I highly recommend this course (Teaching Games for Understanding). I've been teaching P.E. for almost 20 years and have struggled w/how to break down the tactical concepts for overeager middle schoolers! This model is perfect for just that.

This course helped me to examine, evaluate, and analyze my PE program to ensure that my students are getting the best learning experience. Reviewing appropriate protocols helped me to tweak a few routine things in order to make sure I'm meeting all students' needs in PE. What I noticed as I read articles,watched videos, and responded to thought provoking questions was that I was not maximizing total activity time during my class time of 55 minutes. I received great suggestions on how to make that happen from my instructor. Thank you PE Central for offering this great course so I can continue to grow as a productive PE instructor.

This course does give a different perspective than just the traditional physical education curriculum. Janet M.

This was a great way to obtain meaningful professional development on a schedule that worked for me. I definitely will take more courses during the school year. Thank you Ellen Wyse Boston Public Schools

Good information and assessments that I will use in class.

Finally found a place to get some professional development in the PE area. Wish I had know about this earlier in my career! Cindy N

Some of the statistical information was a bit confusing but overall very helpful. Thank you!


Sharon Boudreaux This course has elements that will work so well with my students. We are not allowed to play dodgeball which gives throwing, dodging, and accuracy skills but with this course I am able to use those skills in a different way. I found this course very beneficial and easy to work through.

I think this course is very valuable for any Physical Educator who has to plan a field day!! A. Branch

This course was beneficial to me. I will be able to take the sample lessons and incorporate them into my own. Neil P.

As professionals, we wear many hats in the teaching community. It's easy to lose sight of what's most important because we're so busy. However, students deserve to know more, be involved more and have a greater understanding of their own learning. TGFU creates a platform for this.

I am very excited to use these activities in my classroom. I am going to have my students create them as well.

The TGFU is a valuable tool that provides to us as teachers an opportunity to open our mind which can improve our knowledge in a variety learning areas; also it provide a new structure to develop creative lessons for our pupils. In my opinion this kind of approach should be encouraged by the schools as part of professional development.

Scott M enjoyed the course and thought that it was very helpful

This course has really opened my eyes to a wide range of physical education activities I can utilize in my classroom.

This was way beyond what I expected. I finally found an online course that was well explained and it can truly be called a professional development! Loved it.

This class came at a great time as I was transitioning to teaching in a classroom. I have used plenty of ideas to make the classroom an active and safe place to learn and move. Paul R.

It would be a great course for beginning teachers, or someone who is in college to understand the struggles, but if you can't teach in limited spaces there isn't much help.

First online course I've taken! Loved it! Chris E.

Bonnie L. I am a seasoned elementary classroom teacher well up until this past school year. I am now a "new" middle school teacher, teaching PE. This course was a great course to help me understand and plan for limited space and provided a lot of "food for thought" in my new arena :)

Teaching Games for Understanding offers an alternative method for all levels, from the most athletic to the not-so-much into sports, to become active, more competent and more competitive in sports. Tiffany

The course was very helpful in a time when space for physical activity is limited. The instructor gave great examples on how to utilize space and provided information on how to make lessons interesting and fun. It is a course that I recommend for any PE teacher no matter where you are at in your career. Roger Austin West Perry High School Penna.

Written assessment in Physical Education classes should be a must. This course helped me write better assessments for my students. Pamela N.

This course was great especially for teachers who struggle with teaching in limited space, both indoor and outdoor. The instructor was quick to give feedback and the course was finished at your own pace. I am certainly glad I took this course, and will definitely be taking another one of his courses. Meghan D.

The TGFU course is definitely worth taking, its a different way of thinking about how we teach than most of us have experienced. Rob P.

An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I assess my students in PE. A very high pedagogical standard. Well done!

Even veteran teachers can be inspired by this course! We must remember that no matter our circumstances our students deserve our best all the time! Many creative activities are included to use in limited space. -Carol S.

As a first year teacher, the information I learned in this course was very valuable. I enjoyed the course work but learned as much from teacher feedback.

This course would be very helpful to any PE teacher or activities coordinator who has lack of space issues. The resources are particularly useful. I would recommend this course. Ryan Henderson Health & PE Mowrey Elementary

This course helped to get me excited about using assessments in PE. I talk to students all the time about the importance of the process, not necessarily the outcome. Using assessments help reinforce this concept. It helps the students to understand the importance of following directions, listening carefully, and staying on task.-Meghan W

This is a good way to introduce yourself to the idea of the TGFU model. A starting point from which you can build to produce a meaningful experience in P.E. for today's students. Michael Walsh

This course has excellent resources to help integrate literacy into Physical Education classes. The instructor is very knowledgeable and provide wonderful information to use in classes. Pamela N. (MN)

The rubric development course was appropriate and meaningful to the field of physical education!

Very helpful class with information that I can really use in my PE class. Many of my autistic students come to my class with their daily schedules so I was familiar with the concept. However, I had never tried using my own visual supports that would be just for PE activities. I enjoyed learning about the different types of visual supports and am excited about trying them with some of my students. Very helpful instructor also! Carol S.

Taking this course I became aware of all of the different types of PE related material is on the web. The course provides a simple way to discern the good from the bad. I especially liked the large list of web-sites that were fun and easy to look into.This course puts a shine on my professionalism as a teacher.

This course helped me to see that assessments in Physical Education don't need to be extensive. They can be short and simple and still provide a great deal of information to help structure your program. Nicole Z.

This course was a great review of material that I had in college, but needed to sharpen. It also provided a significant amount of new information and material that I will use to prepare for the challenges of day to day planning and assessment. Thank you! Mary Beth Myers

Great reading material; help identify the use of content referenced testing in adapted PE and aspects in a situation for educational decision making.

Sue H. This was a very useful course that was reasonably priced for the 12 hours of professional development that I received. I came away from the course with an assessment document that I will use in my classroom for the years to come. Dave offered knowledgeable feedback that I appreciated; I really enjoyed this course.

I think this course was very relevant for PE teachers who are currently teaching in any grade at any level. Making assessment sheets for our classrooms are a great way to check for students comprehension of what we are teaching

This was a great course and I would recommend it to other teachers. This is great for someone like myself who has no experience teaching but experience working with kids.

This course helps in the assessment of student in the Physical Education setting during the whole entire unit. The importance of quality assessments validates Physical Education as a major part of a students well rounded education Dan Rayome

The Criteria was very informal and educational. I enjoyed this particular course.


This was well developed and paced with opportunities to check for understanding and resources to support professional needs. Michelle F.

This course assisted me tremendously with assessing elementary physical education students. Thank you! Eileen D.

This course was an excellent resource in understanding what is needed to know and understand while developing assessments for Adapted PE. It was also very useful in understanding the information for participating in IEP meeting in order to advocate for my PE program and for my students. Very user friendly and convenient!

This course provides clear lesson plans that can be used in elementary P.E. classes for all grades. It was easy to understand and the instructor was prompt with responses. I plan to take future courses with PECentral. Tristan I.