Frequently Asked Questions

When do courses start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you enroll and can be taken at your pace (with the exception of graduate courses, which are taught during a specific period). Most of our courses have instructors so they will need time to review assignments you complete.

What type of payment is accepted for this course?

Credit Card - The easiest way to pay for one of our online courses is to use your credit card. Our online system will send an email receipt after you place your order with your credit card which you should be able to use for reimbursement.

Payment with a Purchase Order (PO) - We are happy to take payment via Purchase Order (PO). Remember, however, we cannot have you start the course until the PO has been processed.


  • Make PO out to Human Kinetics, Inc., 1607 N Market St, Champaign IL 61820; Phone: 800-747-4457; Email: [email protected]
  • Make sure to include the following information:
    • Title of the course(s) you’d like to purchase
    • Number of teachers who will be taking the course(s)
    • Due date for enrollment (if applicable)
    • A PO number (rather than a requisition number)
    • Billing address and billing email
    • Approval signature if there is a line for this on the PO
    • If you are tax exempt, please include a copy of tax exemption certificate
  • Email the PO to [email protected].
  • Once the PO is processed, your sales representative will email you an invoice. They will also provide a unique enrollment URL and access instructions to share with your teachers/staff.

The other way a school district could pay using a credit card is for an administrator to use a school credit card and use the teachers email address and name. The receipt will go to the instructor and you should log out in between registrations of different students.

Sales Tax:

Most states are starting to include sales taxes for online courses.

If you have a tax exempt status then you will purchase the course with the tax and then email Teachable at "[email protected]" and provide your tax exempt certificate and they will reimburse.



We will refund customers for purchases of all other online courses within 7 days of purchase, provided the online course has not been completed. Please email us at [email protected] to request a refund.


If you would like to request a syllabus for a course before purchasing please email us at [email protected].

What type of equipment do I need to complete the course?

To complete the course you will need a computer or tablet with the latest browser and an updated adobe flash player. You will also need a valid and working email address so the instructor can communicate with you.

Will I get a grade for this course?

No grades will be awarded for a PD hour course. Your instructor will review your assignments and work with you to make sure they are in good standing before you earn your certificate. Grades are issued on our grad courses.

Can this course be used towards professional development hours?

Depending on your situation, this course can be used for professional development hours. We highly recommend that you use the information we provide on the course page to gain prior approval from your principal or Professional Development coordinator before you start the course. We will supply each student with a certificate (via email) upon completion.

Can I get Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit for this course?

At the present time we offer CEUs for courses that award 10 hours or more of professional development. CEUs are purchaseable and awarded through Adams State University and will be issued after the course is completed. The additional cost for CEUs is $30 per credit hour, though they are subject to change so it is always best to check the course registration page for updated costs.

ASU will mail a transcript with the word CEU on it with no grade after the course instructor signs off on a course being successfully completed. CEU's are available during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. ASU mails the transcript so it may take a couple of weeks to arrive. In urgent situations, CEU transcripts can be be obtained digitally. This will encur an additional fee but you will receive your transcript within 24 hours (

Click here to register and pay for a CEU course credit.

Can I get Graduate credit for this course?

Graduate Credits are awarded through Adams State University, an accredited University in Colorado. After you have purchased the course from PE Central, if you would like graduate credts you will also need to register and pay for credits at ASU during your course. The cost is $55 per credit hour which will be paid additionally and separately from our online courses to the college. More details about the procedure for paying for your graduate credits will be communicated to you during the course.

Grad courses are available during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters and are completed over a specific 8- or 12-week period.ASU will mail a transcript with your grade after the course instructor signs off on a course being successfully completed. Your transcript may take a couple of weeks to arrive through the mail, and in urgent situations, transcripts can be be obtained digitally. This will encur an additional fee but you will receive your transcript within 24 hours (

Click here to register and pay for graduate course credit.

Are courses New York State - CTLE Approved?

Almost all educational courses on this platform are CTLE approved courses. If you need prior approval, our sponsorship number, or have any questions on getting your NY State CTLE Hours from our courses, please contact [email protected].

How do I get a certificate of completion?

You will receive your certificate via email once the instructor has reviewed and approved your course work as being satisfactorily completed.

How do I get help? or Still have questions?

Please contact us with any additional questions at [email protected].