Everything Halloween for Your PE Program (FREE)

FREE Bulletin Boards, Lesson Plans & Ideas to Engage Students around Halloween

Getting students engaged and interested in physical activity is a huge part of teaching Physical Education. In addition to learning new skills and being introduced to sports and different ways to move your body, students need to see how fun being healthy and fit can be! So, Halloween is a great time of year to introduce some fun lessons and excite students about getting active.

You will find almost 50 bulletin boards and over 50 Halloween-themed lesson ideas in this guide, plus a dance video on how to teach the Thriller dance. We highly encourage you to share any ideas, modifications or adaptations you would like to add. Post pictures of your own bulletin boards in the comments and ask any questions about activities so that you and your peers can gain the most from this resource.

This is a Spooktacular Resource that your students and you will enjoy!

*There are no certificates for this course. It is a resource and an opportunity to communicate and share with your peers about the materials provided within the discussion platform.

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