How to Involve Parents in Your PE Program

Grade Level/Audience: K-12 Physical Education Teachers
Webinar Description
We all know parent involvement is a key piece to any successful physical education program. In fact, having parent support can help make or break a program. After all, parents are the one collective voice that decision makers listen to more than anyone. Parent involvement can help you run programs that enhance your physical education instruction and increase student discipline faster than many other methods. The question looms, however, how to best engage parents to experience the positive effects they can have on your PE program. In this webinar, you will look at ways to engage parents from the start of the year through the end of the year. You will see tangible ideas and examples that not only engage parents but bring your physical education program into the spotlight in a positive way. There are over 25 tried and true ideas in this webinar to give you many options to try this year, next year, and for years to come.
Learning Objective
By the end of this Webinar, students will be able to -
  • learn many different ways to involve parents in their PE programs

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Your Instructor

Charles Silberman
Charles Silberman

Charles Silberman is a physical education and health teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. He has become a leader and advocates for incoming physical educators by running workshops on integrating literacy into physical education, teaching in limited space, and creating a field day that shines. Charles has advocated on these topics by presenting at staff in-services and conferences, assisting with new teacher orientations, and other initiatives.

Also, Charles teaches 5 other classes for PE Central, has four webinars for PE Central, and regularly contributes to the S&S Worldwide blog. Moreover, he has experience writing curriculum from scratch and writing published information specific to physical education in the state and nationally recognized publications and websites. Charles is the founder of Charles is also a contributing author to the book, "How to be an Outstanding Physical Education Teacher."

Feel free to reach out to Charles with any questions during any of his courses.

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