Webinar: Cooperative New Games with Social Distancing

Over 20 Cooperative New Games for In-Person Socially Distanced Teaching Situations

Webinar Description
When people think of New Games, they remember a lot of physical contact, and for many of the games, that is true. Names like “Hug Tag” and “People to People” give that impression. However, there are also a lot of New Games that do not involve touching and lend themselves to social distancing. It’s not hard to adapt these games, and New Games expert Dale Le Fevre will provide written introductions to videos of the games explaining what you need to do. In most cases it’s pretty much common sense, but sometimes it’s easy things which elude us.
Presented will be 20+ New Games with adaptations for social distancing. In case you are new to New Games, these are cooperative group games that people of any age, size or ability can do. There is some competition in some of the games, but the main element is to have fun and include everyone who wants to play. No-one is ever eliminated, instead you either change roles or sides and keep playing.
The course is presented by Dale N. Le Fevre, New Games Trainer and one of the originators of New Games. He has written 3 books, created 5 streaming videos/DVDs, and given over 1000 workshops and presentations of New Games in 35 countries all over the world.
Games that will be provided in video form:

Low Activitiy:

  1. Zoom: Have people stand a safe distance from each other in the circle.
  2. The Three Syllable Game: When making groups of people, make sure they maintain distance within the group.
  3. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump: When you make your circle, just make sure everyone keeps their distance.
  4. Sun Monarch: Have the line keep their distance and the three in the middle as well.
  5. Captain Video: Have people stand further apart in the circle.
  6. Make 11: In the groups of 3, stress keeping proper distance.
  7. Face Pass: Widen the circle to maintain social distancing.
  8. No Teeth: While it’s tempting to get closer, remind people to keep their distance.
  9. Hit The Cone: The partners are already distanced, but make sure other partners are far enough apart.
  10. Bloomps: While making your circle, make sure everyone keeps apart.
  11. Zip Zap Pop: Another circle game. Guess what everyone has to do.
  12. Um Ah: Have people stand a safe distance from each other in the group.
  13. What are you Doing?: Request people keep a safe distance in the circle.

Moderate Activity:

  1. One Behind: Simply have people stand further apart in the circle.
  2. Look Up: This game should not be done with more than 15 -20. Remind people to not only keep a distance in their circle, but when they are moving to the other circle as well.
  3. Detective: Make sure people in the circle keeps a decent distant from each other and also any people in the center of the circle.
  4. Bear Hunt: Seated circle, maintain proper distance.
  5. Name Echo: Have people stand further apart and request movements that do not bring people too close.
  6. In the Manner of the Adverb: When huddling, remind people to not get too close, and when acting out the adverb.
  7. Ain’t No Flies: Make sure individuals in each line are not too close, and at the end, instead of a hug or handshake, people can do an air bump of fists, hands, or elbows, as they see fit.
  8. Rain Game: Have people stand further apart in the circle.
  9. A Rum Sum Sum: Keep more distance than usual in the seated circle.
  10. Choo Choo: Ask the line of people to keep their distance from each other and from each person they approach to ask the name of.
  11. Marbles: It’s fairly easy for partners to maintain distance with this game, but players can get a bit chummy, so just remind them to keep a safe distance.
Certificates of Completion for this 1 hour webinar will be distributed as soon you fully complete the course by watching all of the videos and completing the quiz. It should generate automatically and show up in your in-box as a certificate from Teachable. If you do not see your certificate, email [email protected] that you have finished the webinar.

Your Instructor

Dale Le Fevre
Dale Le Fevre

Dale Le Fevre has presented over 1000 workshops in 35 countries worldwide. He created 3 books with 4 revised editions (one in 5 languages), produced 6 videos and 5 DVDs/streaming videos, all about New Games. “The New Parachute Games DVD” received the Gold Remi Award, Worldfest Houston. And he loves to play and teach New Games.

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