Webinar: Long Term Planning for Physical Education Teachers

Teaching You Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Plan for the Long Term as a PE Teacher

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Webinar Description

As the old saying goes, planning to fail is failing to plan, which is especially true when it comes to long term planning for physical education. For example, we all have had those classes or units where we wind up frustrated, wondering what went wrong so fast. We all have had days or weeks of anxiety or panic where we wonder what am I going to teach today that will be effective and meaningful? However, by planning deliberately with the end in mind, you will have significant units and lessons where students walk away, having met the intended learning outcome and lesson objective.

As a result, your units and lessons will be comprehensive, high quality, and fully engage your students. Your program will also make sure your students meet their intended grade-level standards and help you avoid the frustration and anxiety that comes with figuring things out on the go. In this webinar, you are going to learn to plan your unit or year step-by-step. The instructor holds your hand through figuring out how to set up your teaching units, how to ensure your teaching standard bases, and creating yearly and unit overviews. The instructor also facilitates in drilling down to standard-based lesson planning with appropriate assessments and resources. You’ll also be aided in collecting student data to ensure students are learning as intended, organizing all your documents and resources, and reflecting upon future teaching improvement. Once you have finished this course, you will have what you need to use for the remainder of your career. All you will have to do is tweak what you learn to create from this webinar as needed.

Grade Level/Audience: K-12 Physical Education Teachers

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Identify how to use Shape America’s Grade-Level Outcomes for Long Term Planning
  • Identify the key documents involved in long term planning and how to create them
  • Identify the key elements that go into each long-term planning document
  • Identify how to collect student data to ensure students are meeting standards successfully
  • How to organize material for easy access
  • Identify how to reflect as a teacher for improvement of pedagogy

Videos Shown (About 37 Minutes total):

  1. Introduction
  2. Global Planning
  3. Quarterly Planning
  4. Daily Lesson Planning
  5. Daily Lesson Planning
  6. Data Collection
  7. Organization
  8. Conclusion

Certificates of Completion for this 1 hour webinar will be distributed as soon you fully complete the course by watching all of the videos and completing the quiz. It should generate automatically and show up in your in-box as a certificate from Teachable. If you do not see your certificate, email [email protected] that you have finished the webinar.

Your Instructor

Charles Silberman
Charles Silberman

Charles Silberman is a physical education and health teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. He has become a leader and advocates for incoming physical educators by running workshops on integrating literacy into physical education, teaching in limited space, and creating a field day that shines. Charles has advocated on these topics by presenting at staff in-services and conferences, assisting with new teacher orientations, and other initiatives.

Also, Charles teaches 5 other classes for PE Central, has four webinars for PE Central, and regularly contributes to the S&S Worldwide blog. Moreover, he has experience writing curriculum from scratch and writing published information specific to physical education in the state and nationally recognized publications and websites. Charles is the founder of physedsuperhero.com. Charles is also a contributing author to the book, "How to be an Outstanding Physical Education Teacher."

Feel free to reach out to Charles with any questions during any of his courses.

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