Integrating Math into Physical Education

Support Math Concepts While Getting Students Active

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Target Audience

This course has been designed for any K-12 physical education teacher, as math is a lifelong educational requirement. In this course, we focus on developing a working knowledge of the importance of integrating math for overall student success. It explores how to implement a myriad of math strategies with your students, while keeping them active and learning their physical education curricular outcomes. Our instructor is available to help you throughout this course with any questions you may have.

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to introduce the importance of math integration and demonstrate, through hands-on experiences, how math integration strategies can be implemented in a physical education setting. Teaching students to live a health-enhancing life extends beyond physical activity. In order to achieve a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness throughout life, one must be able to understand basic and complex math. One must also be able to clearly identify and solve problems through problem-solving. Math helps to teach this, which in turn, helps students when they are trying to achieve goals related to wellness and health. This course will provide physical educators with the knowledge, skills, and creativity necessary to effectively integrate math into their physical education setting so that their students not only maintain health-enhancing levels of physical activity but also succeed academically.

Course Description

The push to integrate math across all content areas is a rapidly growing movement. Not only is it the best standard teaching practice, but it has also proven to help children achieve success at higher academic levels. With global competition and other countries surpassing the United States in math test scores, school districts, administrators, and parents are demanding that children leave high school college-ready. Math provides the foundation that ensures this goal will be met. This course will help you understand the importance of incorporating math into a physical education setting and provide practical strategies that you can use to integrate math into your physical education curriculum. Upon completion of this course, you will develop your own math integration plan and method of assessment.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, the student will be able:

  • To identify the positive effects of math integration on students’ personal, social, and academic growth.
  • To analyze the process for implementing math into physical education.
  • To create a math lesson or game that can be used in your physical education setting.


This course addresses the following standards:

Source: SHAPE America National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education (2014).

Standard #3: - The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

Your Instructor

Charles Silberman
Charles Silberman

Charles Silberman is a physical education and health teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. He has become a leader and advocates for incoming physical educators by running workshops on integrating literacy into physical education, teaching in limited space, and creating a field day that shines. Charles has advocated on these topics by presenting at staff in-services and conferences, assisting with new teacher orientations, and other initiatives.

Also, Charles teaches 5 other classes for PE Central, has four webinars for PE Central, and regularly contributes to the S&S Worldwide blog. Moreover, he has experience writing curriculum from scratch and writing published information specific to physical education in the state and nationally recognized publications and websites. Charles is the founder of Charles is also a contributing author to the book, "How to be an Outstanding Physical Education Teacher."

Feel free to reach out to Charles with any questions during any of his courses.

"Integrating math in PE can be much simpler than I was thinking it would be. I need to remember that the math tasks do not need to be involved or difficult to provide good practice. "
-Nicole Z.

"I think my biggest take away is just the recognize how many different strategies there are that can be used to integrate math into the physical education curriculum. Also, there are many ways that physical activity can be integrated into the core classes as well."
-Michael D.

"The biggest takeaway from this course is how easy you can implement a variety of math strategies into math lessons whether its games, skill development, warm-ups, instant activities, etc. And most of us as teachers might already be doing some of these strategies and not even realizing that we are helping progress students math knowledge of basic facts and be able to compute various problems in a game setting or format."
-Chad M.

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