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FREE Resources Containing Over 30 PE Homework Assignments for Children to Complete at Home

The following free resources feature over 30 assessment ideas that physical educators can send home with their students. Book #1 is geared for grades grades 3-6. Book #2 is geared more towards Secondary but there are more elementary ideas there as well. The first book features one - page assessments that are designed to assess whether children learned various concepts that were being taught in physical education class. The second book features activity and health lesson ideas that you can access at the PE Central website. Unlike the first book the worksheets can be printed from the website after you click on the link.

Note: There is dated material in book #1 as the assessments are original homework assessment sheets published in the Teaching Elementary Physical Education Journal, which was published from 1990-2006 by Human Kinetics. We invite you to modify these as these are just ideas to get you started.

Table of Contents (Book 1):

  1. Secret Code-Fitness Sheet
  2. Cardiovascular Endurance Homework Sheet
  3. How many body parts can you strike with?
  4. How heart smart are you?
  5. Kicking: What do you know?
  6. See if you can fill in the fielder’s glove.
  7. Start off on the right foot-be safe in PE with the right sneakers.
  8. Take me out to the ballpark!
  9. Give your body a holiday treat!
  10. What’s your level?
  11. Fitness Calendar
  12. Sports Writer: Write a story about your favorite sport, team or athlete.
  13. All about Me and PE
  14. Striking with balloons with parents and / or friends
  15. Grammar: Is / Are
  16. Basketball Test
  17. Bowling Test
  18. Improve your fitness!


*There are no certificates for this course. It is a free resource and an opportunity to communicate and share with your peers and others.

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