Gamification in the Classroom (K-12)

Engaging Strategies to Produce Meaningful Learning Experiences

What is Gamification?

"The gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by borrowing the best parts of video and board games and applying them to lessons and activities."


We are excited about your interest in taking this online course from Education World. Below you will find a brief course description, the instructor's biography, and course FAQ's. We estimate that this course will take 7 hours to complete. Once you have completed it, you may request the 7 hours towards your teacher licensure re-certification.
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Target Audience:

This course is designed for all K-12 educators looking for a fun and engaging way to help students take control of their own learning by using gamification. It can be used for all subject areas at any level.

Course Purpose:

The purpose of this course is to explore what gamification is, why it’s so powerful, and demonstrate various ways in which to use it in education at any level, both with or without technology. Learners will discover how to create gamified activities, lessons or full units, and many resources will be provided.

Course Description:

This course is designed to teach you how to better engage learners by using gamification in their lessons. Throughout the course you will explore what elements make something “gamified,” and how to easily create and incorporate them into activities, lessons, or units. You will learn about the common misconceptions of gamification, and why this often-misunderstood method of teaching can be powerful, especially for those learners who are “at risk” and often disengaged with learning content. You'll discover how intrinsic and extrinsic motivations work, and how gamification can foster a growth mindset towards learning. Ultimately, you will learn how to use gamification as fun, non-threatening built-in assessment for any class content where students get to use choice and voice in their learning. You will also get to view gamified lesson content samples that are already in use by teachers around the world.

Course Goals:

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • Be able to explain what gamification is, and why it’s a powerful way to engage students.
  • Have explored how to use gamification as an assessment tool.
  • Understand how to maximize student engagement and foster a growth mindset culture.
  • Gain the competence and confidence to create their own gamified activities, lessons, units, or even full-year themes.
  • Receive a host of valuable lesson samples/resources to use in their classes.

Reading Materials:

All reading materials will be available on the internet as articles or from files to be downloaded within the course module.

Technology needed to complete:

You will need a computer and/or tablet, Google Slides, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, a Google account with Google Drive (optional but very helpful), and a Twitter account (optional but very helpful). You may use any valid email address to contact the instructor or turn in materials.

Course Design/Schedule:

We have estimated this module will take approximately 7 clock hours to complete. Of course this will vary with every learner. Since the course will take approximately 7 hours you could apply for 7 professional development hours/points from your school/school district. Make sure to check with your principal or professional development coordinator to see how this works in your district.

Participants can start and complete assignments any time they wish. You will have an instructor that you can contact via email for help, and you will turn in some of your assignments via email to your mentor. Your instructor will communicate with you via email. The instructor will also review most of your work to make sure you are making the appropriate progress. You will not earn a letter grade from this course.

Standards: Can integrate into any subject content and standards.

Your Instructor

Mike Ginicola
Mike Ginicola

Mike Ginicola has taught K-6 health and physical education for 20 years, and was the 2016 recipient of the CT PTA Teacher of the Year Award and CTAHPERD Outstanding Program Award recipient. He was the 2017 recipient of the national American Heart Association/SHAPE grant and award. He was also the 2016-17 community champion award winner for his school district. He’s currently serving on the board for CTAHPERD. He’s presented nationally on gamification and shared its power on the “Global Voxcast” and “Under the PE Umbrella” podcasts.


"I loved this course and feel I can implement it immediately. The instructor provided great resources in many different forms as well as feedback along the way. Our final assignment allowed us to create a resource which we will be able to utilize with our students. It is a great way to motiviate students, tie outcomes to standards and assess, as well as allow implement self-directed instruction."
-Heather R.

"This course is one of the better online courses. I have given talks to teachers at technology conferences about PBL in a wellness setting and yet had only a small inkling of gamification. This course by Coach Ginicola was a perfect hands on introduction that makes me confident that I will be able to successfully implement elements of gamification in my classroom."
-Ryan S.

"I learned so much from this course and it got me thinking about ways I can improve my classroom when I return to teaching. I would love to eventually apply gamification in a huge way such by incorporating it into the entire class throughout the year. I also am no longer intimidated by gamification (I was a little at first) and realize it is something I can definitely do to improve my teaching and make learning enjoyable for my students."
-Katie A.

"My biggest take away was that I had the tools the knowledge if you will all along to make my lessons turn into gamifacation. Being a 30 year veteran teacher, I just didn't know how to do it. I am "OLD SCHOOL". You opened my eyes to making learning a bit more fun. Taking what you know and giving it a little spin and making it fun. I thought gamification was for the young and that you had to be super teckie WRONG!!! I will certainly incorporate it more often. Thank you. I highly recommend this great class. An eye and brain opener."
-Catherine W.

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